our vision

Brown Orange Solutions LLC helps businesses improve their performance and grow by solving problems and finding new and better ways of doing things for Companies in both the private and public sector.

Our Consultants use our extensive knowledge and global experience to create momentum and excitement within our clients’ organization by helping put in place the right processes and implement the latest technology and where necessary reduce costs to fix the issue. We carry out our vision keeping our core values in mind.







about us

Brown Orange is a unique company that offers innovative strategies in management consulting for diverse fields such as Education, IT, Hospitality, Retail and Finance as well as New Business Startups in the UAE.

Established in 2006, Brown Orange began as an IT company providing specific solutions for Hospitality. Building on the experience of its expert management team, Brown Orange has grown to diversify into consulting in different fields on a global stage.

Our success is measured in terms of your business performance. We work closely with you to identify your unique requirements and come up with customized, specific solutions to help build business performance.



Our aim is to secure a genuine competitive advantage for you in terms of efficiency, quality of service and value creation. We have consulted in projects across countries, which include:



Tutoring and both primary and tertiary educational organizations in India, UAE and USA have benefited from our consultants guidance where especially the schools and Universities provide world class education and services to their students thus giving them a competitive edge amongst their competition.



From startups in India to one of the Top 5 Software Houses in Sri Lanka, we have guided and assisted Companies set up and streamline their operations to ensure viability and sustainability.



Hotels, Hotel Apartments and Retirement Homes in Canada, Myanmar and UAE have benefited greatly from our expertise where we have streamlined both back end operations and sales thus increasing occupancy rates and revenue.



Convenience stores in the US, magazine and bookstores in Canada and watches, electronics and gifts stores in UAE, have gained from our expertise where we have assisted owners in purchasing and pricing their products competitively to achieve maximum profits.

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